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1/17/11 09:36 am

Walking on the Edge
Series: Gravitation: NG
Rating: OT for Older Teen
Warnings: Adult themes

Walking on the EdgeCollapse )

3/1/09 12:37 pm

Mika and Nori talk 2-5-09

Noriko knew she had to talk to Mika. She got the message that was left for her and was a bit concerned. After getting Tohma's message, she was even more concerned about what was going on. Since Mika was taking care of Saki, she would call and see if she could talk to both of them. Taking a deep breath and exhaling to control her emotions, Nori picked up her private cell phone and dialed Mika's phone and waited for an answer, which she hoped she would get. [d]

Mika looked at her flashing mobile and read Noriko's name. She knew she should answer it, find out where she was. "Hello Nori" She spoke, sounding as cheerful as she could. "How, where are you?" [d]

Nori was relieved that Mika answered her phone. "Hello, Mika." Nori's voice was a little shaky but she tried to hide as much as she could. "I can't tell you where I am, just know that I am okay and in a safe place. I purposely didn't tell anyone where I was going. I just promised to call when I got somewhere and let people know I am okay. You are the first one I have spoken to since I left... the funeral." [d]

"You left so quickly, Saki's alright, but she wants to know where you are." Mika was going to push this question. [d]

Nori knew that Mika wasn't going to let it go. She wanted answers, and she was using Saki to get them. "All I will say is that I am staying with a friend. If I say any more than that, I am afraid Tohma will have NG's investigators hunt me down and I really just need some space now. " Nori hoped that would allay Mika's questions.She decided to change the subject slightly. "Is Saki doing okay? She knows she has to go back to school next week. Elizabeth will get her on Sunday to take her back to Los Angeles." [d]

"Yes, she's looking forward to seeing all her friends again." Mika paused. "I'm glad you...you're okay. Wich friend are you staying with?"[d]

Nori knew that Mika just wasn't going to let up. "Mika, please, I implore you, don't push it. I just called to be sure that Saki was okay and to let you know that I am safe. I really don't want to say anymore. I told you that I don't want NG to locate me. If you persist in this, I will just hang up and we won't talk." Nori thought more of it. Maybe Mika thought she was with Tohma and that was something she had to avoid. "Mika, I'm not in Japan right now. I'm in Europe. "I love you and you'll hear from me but I have to go now! kisses!" [d]
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3/1/09 12:29 pm

Suguru Fujisaki had been working for hours. It didn't seem like that to him, though. He had been working on the arrangement for a new song, and when he was sure he had something done just the way he wanted, something else showed up. He sighed, shortly considering taking a break before he decided against it. Flipping a couple of switching and pressing a couple of buttons, he began to run through the arrangement once more, his headphones helping him lose himself in his own little world.

K wandered through the halls, glancing into rooms occasionally. He had fallen asleep earlier in one of the sound rooms, though he would never admit it, and decided to use this quiet time to look through the building, familiarizing himself with different shortcuts and exits. Hearing a soft clicking from one of the rooms he opened the door quietly, hand resting on one of his precious guns as he surveyed the room, eyes finally resting on Suguru lost in his work.

Unfortunately, perhaps, for Suguru, he did not feel the other's presence. His fingers glided quickly across the keys, and occasionally he'd pause, move a dial or two, then pick up from where he'd left off. Hitting a spot he wasn't satisfied with, he repeated that action several times, seeming frustrated.

Slowly moving into the room with all the expertise he had acquired in his previous occupation, K shut the door silently behind him, moving along the back of the room to peer curiously at Suguru's work from behind. He was always somewhat intrigued by the work of musicians and Suguru was no exception. Watching him at work a slight smirk formed on his lips, torn between the amusement of startling the shy keyboardist and letting him continue his work. He stood there, somewhat indecisive, and watched Suguru's hands at work, amazed at the keyboardist's dedication to stick around the studio so late.

Suguru paused a moment, stopping the music and looking at the keyboard as if it had done something to seriously offend him. As if sensing something amiss, he looked to either side of him, but perhaps didn't trust his feelings enough to actually look around the room. With a soft sigh, he moved another few dials, seeming like perhaps he was running out of steam.

Starts to pull his gun out but decides against it, putting both his hands on Suguru's shoulders to get his attention. Considering suggesting the keyboardist take a break before burning himself out. It would do them no good to have any of the band members in less than working condition. Perhaps some bubble wrap would help, he mused to himself, momentarily forgetting the keyboardist.

As soon as the other's hands made contact with Suguru's shoulders, he jumped a fair amount, putting one hand to his chest as if to calm his now quickly beating heart, spinning around to see who was touching him. "K-K-san! How did you get in here?" he asked, trying to look indignant. "Don't scare me like that!"

K smirked faintly, Suguru just made it far too easy. "Well I could have had your attention a different way, but Tohma did mention something about there being too many bullet holes already earlier today." K answered, an amused smile on his lips. "Why are you here so late? You are going to wear yourself out and then where will the band be?" He added in what he had attempted to make sound like a reprimanding tone, it came out half amused instead. "Working hard?"

"There are a few kinks in our latest arrangement. I want it to sound good, that's all, K-san..." he sighed, just realizing how tired he was when the other had stopped him.

K tried to fight the path his mind tried to take when Suguru mentioned kinks and instead busied himself leaning over him to glance at the music. "And I am sure you will do so, but I do believe you can leave it there tonight, take a break Suguru." K was still leaning over Suguru as he looked over at him. "Have you even eaten yet?" It was K's job as manager to take care of the band members, and he always took his job seriously, if a little more seriously then was actually required.

"Er..." Suguru paused to think for a moment, not exactly remembering. Then, of course, as if on cue, his stomach growled. "I... suppose I haven't..."

K smirked slightly, Suguru always had the tendency to get a little too lost in his work. Removing the headphones from the keyboardist's head he pulled him somewhat forcefully out of the chair. "Up you get Fujisaki, we need to get some food into your stomach, my treat."

"Ah, but..." Suguru looked from K to his keyboard, and then back to K. After a moment of thought and a small sigh, he seemed to concede. "...All right. Just let me turn the equipment off and take a few notes first.."

"Five minutes, Suguru, before I break my promise to Tohma." K semi-threatened with a smirk, lightly putting a hand on the handle of his favorite gun to get across his point before letting the keyboardist go.

"Right, I understand," the other mumbled, wrapped back up the moment he was relased. He took notes on the arrangement, the settings, before finally turning the equipment off, tucking everything neatly into its place.

K watched the keyboardist with interest, noting his slight obsession with keeping
things neat and organized. K was just as particular, his previous profession making him so, instinctively. As he waited he considered the options in his head, wondering what Suguru's taste in food was. Normally he made a point to know all these particulars, and he knew more about the band members than any of them would likely be comfortable with, but some things still managed to elude his notice.

With a triumphant sigh, Suguru stashed everything in his small briefcase. "All right. I'm ready."

K nodded, finally deciding on the steakhouse, remembering the wide selection of food and their tendency to be open late. K pulled the keys to his car out of his pocket opening the door and holding it to encourage him to go through it. "So, Fujisaki, do you like steak?" he asked curiously.

"Steak?" the other asked, walking out the door and heading downt he hallway. "Well, I don't have it often, really, but I like it. It was always my parent's choice for a western dinner..."

K laughed amiably, he loved steak. "That's good to hear," K smiled to himself, opening the door to the garage and hitting the button to unlock his car with a flash of lights. K made his usual sweeping glance around the garage, hand always close to his well-hidden gun. He opened the door to the car and nodded to Suguru. "Get in, it's not too far from here."

Suguru nodded, getting in the passenger side and buckling the seatbelt before he spoke again. "Thank you for taking me, K-san. It's really not necessary..."

"Nonsense" K said in his thick American accent, starting the car, "You have been working hard all day, I'm sure a good meal will help you to relax." K skillfully hid the slight smirk as they stopped at a red light. "I can't have you making yourself sick."

"I haven't been sick in years," Suguru said proudly, then paused, thinking to himself. "I mean, aside from that bad cold I had last autumn..."

"Let us keep it that way, shall we?" K said, pulling in to one of the parking spaces. He wondered if perhaps he should have brought a disguise for Suguru, it was late so sunglasses would be conspicuous, though admittedly K still had his resting on top of his head. He reached into the back, arm brushing against Suguru's as he pulled a baseball cap from the back, placing it on the keyboardist's head. "Best to keep a low profile while we're here, though I doubt anyone will give us much trouble..." K added, opening the car door with another smirk at the way the cap looked on the musician's head.

"Will this really help?" Suguru asked with a look of distaste, frowning at the cap in the passenger side mirror.

K smirked to himself. "If you would rather have to fight off a crowd of your adoring fans I'd leave it on..." suddenly an idea formed in K's head and a devilish look sparked in his eyes as he kept his voice nonchalant. "Or I can just take you to my place and cook something up myself." K didn't really care which ended up happening, the steaks here were amazing but he did love to cook, and any oppurtunity to do so was one he would take. Besides, his birthday was only a couple days away and he would be back here for certain then.

Suguru looked to the other, not moving perhaps just because he wasn't thinking very well. "That's right... you do cook, don't you, K-san? Are you good at it?"

K had to fight the overconfident chuckle at the question. "I don't brag but yes, I am an excellent cook." he added with yet another smirk, he was certain it was going to become a permanent expression around Suguru.

"Hmm.... well, if it meant I wouldn't have to wear this..." Suguru thought aloud, taking it off, then looking at it. "But then again, we're already here..."

"My house is only a block away," K suddenly found himself preffering the idea to the steak house to his suprise, watching the keyboardist with amusement at his now ruffled hat hair.

"Hmm... all right, then. I suppose we could do this another time. I bet Nakano-kun and Shindou-kun would enjoy it as well," Suguru replied, carefully setting the hat back in the back seat.

K nodded with a smirk, not mentioning his birthday, simply because he never had, as he suggested, "Perhaps Thursday," making a not to himself to call and have them reserve the place for that evening, not wanting to have the band ambushed by their fans. "A well deserved dinner..." Closing his door he started the car again, driving to his appartment with a smirk almost permanently stuck on his lips.

Suguru watched out the window as they drove to K's apartment, feeling very sleepy as time passed on. There was, of course, the matter of not having eaten - surely food would give him energy. He was counting on it, anyway. He still had to get back to his own apartment.

K pulled into the spot no one had dared to park in since the last incident, right next to the main entrance to the building, getting out he again checked the surrounding area with a quick, nonchalant sweep of his eyes, switching to his building key.

Suguru got out of the car after unbuckling his seatbelt, stretching and covering a small yawn as he followed K into the building. This was much better than going home. Ever since he'd moved out of his parents house, the frequency in which he actually ate had varied a bit too much. He didn't like cooking very much, especially not alone and for himself only. Predictably, he'd probably make some miso soup and then go to bed if he were at his own place. This would presumably be much better.

K opened the door to his apartment, noting his paranoid neighbors stare from across the hall, gossip would spread through the appartment by tomorrow evening, but it never left the appartments, they were all much to frightened of him to do so, after Suguru was inside he shut the door to his appartment. The place was simply decorated, several different styled guns unobtrusively set in various places and a basket full of gun magazines sitting to one side. His bookcase was full of various gun manuals, cookbooks and the occasional music magazine featuring Nittle Grasper or Bad Luck. A single photo of his son and ex-wife sitting on the coffee table. All in all it was a fairly empty and extremely organized appartment. Going instantly to the kitchen K pulled out some steaks and set to work on making a delicious dinner. "Make yourself comfortable Fujisaki-kun" He called out nonchalantly.

"Oh, thank you..." he replied, taking in the first area before peeking into the kitchen. "Is there something I can do to help? I am eating your food, after all..." he added, looking in at the other.

K smiled and shook his head "No Problem," he said, again in his thick American accent before falling back into the more elegant japanese. "I have most of it covered." He added, working quickly as he waited for the oven to heat up. "Just sit down and relax, it will be ready in a few minutes, the remote is on the table if you want to watch something."

"Oh, no, I'm fine..." Suguru shook his head, looking around a bit before deciding to sit at the kitchen table. At this time, even that chair was comfortable, and he fought not to slouch, something that was normally imprinted in his posture.

K put the steaks in the oven, glad this was one of those fast recipes that didn't require hours of marinating and went to join Suguru at the table, noticing the little differences in the Keyboardist's behavior. "It won't take very long to cook." K reassured him, thankful himself for he still hadn't eaten dinner either, having been asleep most of the evening.

"Ah, good... " he looked around before his eyes rested on the blonde. "I really do appreciate this, K-san. I don't get a homecooked meal very often, really."

K smiled, pleased that Suguru seemed more relaxed here. "I don't get a lot of chances to cook being alone, you are doing me a favor being here Suguru, you'll have to come over again some time so I can make you a proper meal." He added, his mind already working on how to get the keyboardist to come over again, making a note to check around the studio late at night more often.

"I bet Nakano-kun wouldn't refuse an offer, either, K-san," Suguru replied, partially thinking aloud. "After all, he lives alone, too."

"Hmn I have a hard time getting him to come over lately." K murmured, more to himself than to Suguru. He was still slightly disappointed by Hiro's reaction to his unintentional joking. The Guitarist had been avoiding him slightly ever since.

"Oh... perhaps I was wrong," Suguru replied, leaning back just a little bit. "Maybe he's a good cook! I've never had Nakano-kun's cooking."

K laughed slightly and nodded in aggreement. "Who knows what unknown skills that guitarist has." He said in a slightly joking voice as he glanced over at the timer.

"I wish I knew him a little bit better. I do feel we're close and at the same time, there are those non-work aspects of his life that I know nothing about. Now, with Shindou-kun, I think that's probably a good thing..." Suguru made a small face.

K smirked as he watched Suguru. He made it his job to know too much about the band members lives. "Yes, Shindou has quite the... interesting personal life." he said with a chuckle. Shuichi's life was much like a soap opera in his eyes, but as long as it didn't hurt the Singer's performance he would not interfere. "What about you, Suguru-kun?" K asked, saying the kun lightly as if it had always been at the end of his name. "Do you lead a secretly colorful personal life?" K asked, knowing all to well that Suguru's life was likely about as colorful as K's was currently, obvious due to both of them having nothing to do so late at night that they were still at the studio.

"Well... not really," Suguru replied with a little sigh. "I mean, ever since I moved into my own apartment, it's been pleasantly calm. But... a little boring too. Still, even after a while I'm enjoying having the freedom to do what I want to."

K nodded in agreement. Freedom was something he understood very well. Just as well as he knew boredom. He started to say something but stopped as the timer buzzed, getting up to quickly fix them both a plate of food. Carrying them back to the table he set one of the plates in front of Suguru. It was a simple meal of steak and spiced green beans, but one of K's personal specialties, and no one could deny he was excellent at making it. Sitting back down he nodded and smiled at Suguru. "It is nice to be on your own without the pressures of those around you." he added, watching Suguru as he leaned back slightly.

"Yes... I can't agree more," Suguru replied, looking at the food. "This looks... really, really good, K-san," he smiled. It'd been a while since he had used western utensils, but he had no trouble with it. Of course it went well with a western meal. "My parents... they still ask why I moved out."

"Hm parents don't like to let go very easily, but everyone needs their own space eventually. They will get used to the idea." K said, eating a few bites of the steak. It reminded him of a talk he had had with his ex-wife just a few months ago. "I hope you do not mind the silverware, but it isn't easy to cut steak with chopsticks." K added with a smirk at the image.

Suguru smiled. "No, it's perfect. After all, it fits the meal better. Right?" he picked up his own utensils, cutting a few pieces before taking a bite of the steak, chewing and swallowing before he commented. "You really are a great cook, K-san. This is very good..."

K couldn't help the satisfied smirk at the compliment and nodded. "I'm glad you like it." K watched Suguru eat, noticing he really didn't know much about the Keyboardist's taste despite having known the band members for quite some time now. He decided it was something worth looking into. Perhaps even convincing the keyboardist to eat out with him more often. "It's nice to cook for someone other than myself once in a while," he added, eating a few more bites of steak.

Suguru nodded in agreement, having some of the green beans next. "I know what you mean. I don't cook a lot, but it always seems like a chore if I'm just doing it for myself..."

K was glad Suguru understood the feeling. K still cooked for himself but portions and the use of time always made it inconvienient. "Are you any good Suguru-kun?" K asked with an amused smile, taking the time to glance at the still ruffled hair. It wasn't much of a difference from it's natural state but he found himself wondering if it was Suguru's natural hair color. He had been convinced for a while that Shindou's hair was not naturally pink, but he knew otherwise now.

"Well... I can cook simple things, you know. I wouldn't say I'm that good, but I get by..." Suguru replied with a shrug. "Rice and miso soup are my specialties," he added a little bit jokingly.

K laughed slightly and nodded. "Miso Soup is actually a weakness of mine. I've never been very good at making it." K was amused, he hadn't taken the time to relax with anyone in quite a while, and was finding it to be much better than he had remembered. He would definitely have to start doing this again. Having finished his food he leaned back to watch Suguru, instinctively noting small qualities in the way he ate or sat. "Maybe you should get a pet," K found himself repeating Ark's own advice to him a few years ago, advice he had never actually followed though he considered it from time to time. "I hear they're good for your stress levels."

"A pet..?" Suguru stopped for a moment, looking up at the other. "...I don't know, K-san. I've never had a pet. I don't think kids or animals like me much."

K looked thoughtful, he had had a cat once, but he ended up giving the feline to Ark. Animals liked to sneak up on him, and it was never a good idea to sneak up on K. He did love Michael very much but honestly he didn't spend much one on one time with his son so he couldn't really say either way if he was any good at taking care of either. He watched Suguru with a playful smirk, "Maybe you just need someone in your life to keep you from spending all your nights with your keyboard." K knew he had no right to accuse anyone of being obsessed with their work, but Suguru was fun to tease and he really was slightly concerned by the keyboardist's tired appearance. Shuichi might be a little too distracted at times but if anything Suguru seemed the opposite. K wondered if he did have 'someone' to distract him from work occasionaly.

Suguru blushed, pushing the last piece of steak around his plate. "I don't know, K-san... I don't think... I haven't really... I mean... I wouldn't just... find someone, just to have company.."

K smirked to himself, Suguru was so different from the other band members. He wasn't used to being around people with his innocent mindset. Leaning forward on the table he looked over at Suguru. "No ones caught the eye of our quiet keyboardist?" he asked in a playful tone, always looking to learn more about any of the band members. It was hard to believe no one had snatched the innocent Fujisaki up by now, by K's standards he was cute, and his innocent act, whether real or not, would have most girls..or guys, looking twice at him.

Suguru huffed a little, looking away, perhaps to hide the blush that had spread entirely across his cheeks in a very dark hue. "As if I would have time to pursue a romantic life right now..."

"If you don't have time Suguru, it's only because you allow yourself so little freetime. Shuichi seems to find the time, and I'm sure Hiro had no problems finding time when he was dating..." K said witha slightly amused glance at Suguru, he had to admit the blush on the keyboardist's cheeks was... cute. "It's simply a matter of keeping priorities and time management." K couldn't believe he was actually incouraging a member of the band towards distraction. Still part of keeping the band members doing their job the best was making sure they were happy, and he doubted Suguru was the type to let that sort of thing take him away from his work.

"...I suppose so," Suguru replied, turning back to moving food around his plate. "But... there really isn't anyone I could be with right now. I mean, no-one I'd want to be with. Er... maybe... no-one I'd want to be with that I could be with," the other stammered.

"Oh, does Fujisaki-kun have a small crush?" K asked lightly, making it sound as non-prying as he could. Suddenly much more interested.

"...Why would you say that?" Fujisaki replied, trying to keep his normal calm. "That sort of thing wouldn't be useful at all to me.."

K smirked knowingly, "Suguru it isn't about usefulness, it's only natural to crave being close to others. Besides, I know you're a romantic at heart, you don't exactly keep that hidden." K was amused for a moment, remembering several occasions when the keyboardist had let that slip through phrases or actions around the rest of the band members.

Suguru sighed, seeming to deflate a little as the blush flared back up. "...Perhaps you're right. I don't know, K-san... maybe I'm really not ready for that sort of thing..."

K decided not to press the matter much further, he didn't want to depress the keyboardist, but he was certain now he had a crush on someone, and whoever it was was unavailable, wether actually or just in Suguru's eyes. He smirked slightly, deciding to see if he could make Suguru blush any darker before he dropped the matter completely. "Whenever you decide you are I'm sure all you'll have to do is blush like that to get their attention" he replied, watching Fujisaki's cheeks.

"Ah... K-san..." Suguru mumbled, his cheeks getting a very dark color. "Don't say embarassing things like that..."

"I can't help it," K smirked, "It's too tempting to make you blush." he added, amused as he watched Suguru. "Besides, it's true…You look tired Suguru, I have an extra room if you would like to stay here tonight, it's a little late to be walking home." K asked, not really wanting to let the keyboardist walk home alone so late at night.

"Here? I wouldn't want to impose..." Suguru replied, honestly just glad that the conversation had veered away from his love life.

"You wouldn't be imposing, I don't have a roomate and we both have to be at the studio at the same time anyway" K answered, smiling slightly. "I wouldn't be doing my job if I let you walk home alone at this hour.

Suguru let that sink in for a moment as he finished his last few bites of dinner. "...All right, then... I guess I'll stay..."

K smiled and noded, glad Suguru had agreed. "The bed is already made, and I can drive you over to your place tomorrow so you can change before going to the studio." K added

"Thank you, K-san," Suguru replied with a smile, standing up from the chair. "I'll make sure I'm up early so we aren't late to the studio."

1/21/09 05:05 am - Backdated to January 20th, 2009: Nori's Private thoughts

Ok, so I finally called Mika. I wasn't at all surprised by the way she acted. She was a bit cold and distant, but should I expect from my best friend, the one that I should have told, with pride, that I was carrying Grasper's child. But how could I? How could I ever explain the unique relationship that I have with Tohma and Ryuichi. Tohma- the one person she can NEVER find out that I love, have been in love with since junior high, and the one that was the biological father to my dear, departed Yasuo. All that information would spell doom and total devastation for Tohma's marriage and the one thing I promised was that I would NEVER do anything to harm his marriage. In his own way, Tohma loves Mika as much as he loves me and Ryuichi, it's intense but oh so different.

Ryuichi is officially and will always be recognized at Yasuo's father and that has to be tearing Tohma apart. To have to deny one's own child is the single worst thing any human could have to endure. I think I understand why Tohma can't come to see us now, or even talk to us. I just hope that if he accompanies Mika to the funeral, which she said she was attending, that he doesn't act like a pompous ass towards Ryu and me. I can handle a lot of cold-shouldering right now, but if he doesn't show us, especially Ryu- his best friend in the world- some compassion, I know that I can't stick around here and pretend that it's going to be alright.

Eiri will call me when he gets back to Japan. I have a tremendous favor to ask of him, besides the one he's already doing- the funeral service. I will wait to talk to him before I say any more here.

For now, I am trying not to be too depressed- for my sake and Ryuichi's. I have been looking over the music that my two lovers have written recently. It's obvious that their hurt is showing in the lyrics and tone of the songs. We have all got to snap out of this, or Nittle Grasper as a group will be history.

As for Nittle Grasper on a personal level, well, this accident of nature may have been the thing that destroyed that too. Only time will tell.

1/12/09 02:16 pm

Inspiration 3: Audition
Series: Gravitation: NG
Rating: M for Mature
Summary: Yuuji auditions for his commercial
Warnings: Adult themes, sexual themes

Inspiration 3: AuditionCollapse )

10/16/08 04:42 pm

[A/N: be advised, this took place the right after Ryuichi's phonecall to Tohma, before the breakup!]

Series: Gravitation: NG
Rating: M for Mature
Summary: Ryuichi gives Noriko a call
Warnings: Adult themes, sexual themes

Surprises!Collapse )

4/9/08 03:55 pm

Mon, 2 Jul 2007


Bloody Kisses

Series: Gravitation: NG
Rating: OT for Older Teen
Summary: Ryuichi & Tohma finally do something they should have done a long time ago!
Warnings: Bloodplay, cutting, language, adult situations

<lj-cut text="

Bloody Kisses">




Tohma, after using his copy of the key and keycard to let himself into Ryuichi’s apartment, snuck up behind the singer, who was playing quietly on the living room floor’s white carpeting with Kumagoro.

"Boo!!!" He teased, thinking How cute! the singer looked, innocently playing on the floor.

"EEEP!!!" Ryuichi shrieked as he jumped and turned around to face the intruder. "TOHMA!!!" the vocalist cried, surprised.

"Scared you, huh?!" the blond inquired as he chuckled while Ryuichi began to cry.

Feeling bad for scaring his friend, Tohma knelt down beside him and cuddled Ryuichi. "Awww…" the blond cooed. He still found it rather amusing, but he tried not to laugh nontheless.

"Tohma SCARED Ryu-chan!!! BAD Tohma!" Ryuichi cried as he batted ineffectively at Tohma's arm.

"Pah, you are puny, singer!!!!" the Shacho retorted playfully, which only caused the mossy-haired man to cry louder.

An evil laugh escaped Tohma’s lips while Ryuichi finally calmed down enough to chew on Kuma’s ear, still angry and upset at his best friend.

"No, don't cry, I’m sorry…poor Kuma, don't chew it off!!" he cautioned to the vocalist.

Ryuichi sniffled and asked "Really? Kuma's made of strong stuff! He's nearly indestructible!" he explained with a giggle as he snuggled the plushie.

As Tohma snuggled Kuma’s other side, he asked, "Are you ok, now? Not scared?"

"No...still scared..." was the reply. "Was gonna take a nappy-nap..."

"Go to sleep, hunny, don't let me keep you up," Tohma murmured as he hugged the pair

Ryuichi pouted as he told Tohma, "But Ryu-chan wants to spend time with To-chan..."

Tohma replied genuinely. "And I want to spend time with you too, honey, but you should get a little rest, don't you think?"

Pouting more, Ryuichi murmured, "No...wanna be with Toh~maaaa!" He yawned as he leaned against the blond.

The blond stroked Ryuichi's mossy-colored hair as he murmured, "How about I sit with you until you fall asleep?"

Ryuichi yawned once more before he said, "Okaaayy...wanna hug..."

"You want cocoa? Come here then..." Tohma whispered as he held the vocalist.

In his childlike voice, Ryuichi whined, "Want cocoa too..." snuggling closer before he revealed "Want another hole in my ear..." and yawned once more.

Tohma slowly unwrapped himself from the singer as he said, "I'm not piercing you, but I will stick the kettle on."

Ryuichi whined more as he said, "Want Toh~ma to pierce me...trust Toh~maaa."

The Shacho padded into the spacious kitchen and placed the kettle on the stove as he remarked, "I know, but what if you change your mind by morning, hmmm?"

"Won't. Been thinking about it for a long time..."

The keyboardist sighed, "Well...."

As Ryuichi went back to playing with Kuma, he told the blond "Trust Toh~ma to do it right..."

Tohma smirked as he remarked, "Eiri will be mad at me if I do this."

"Why?" The mossy-haired singer asked as he played more with Kuma.

"I'll be, ahem, entering his boyfriend," Tohma joked, a wry smile on his lips. "Allbeit with a sharp object..."

Ryuichi gazed up at the keyboardist, a confused look on his face as he queried, "Hunh?"

Trying not to giggle, Tohma sniggered, "Forget it, you innocent boy," as he set out the cups.

"I will do it. Which ear, and whereabouts?" he asked as Ryuichi got up off the floor, Kuma on top of his head.

The vocalist tilted his head, expertly catching the plushie as he muttered, "Same as before. Left and higher than the others."

The Shacho paused, considering this. "Ok, let me get a sharp stud. I know where you have one..."

Eyes wide, the singer chirped, "Tohma can get an earring? No stud...hoop! Like the others! And ice...and an apple! Know how?"

His face serious, Tohma pointed out, "I can't pierce with a hoop, not properly through gristle. You can put it in after."

Ryuichi smiled, and sat in a chair as he said, "Okay!"

Tohma went to get a starter stud earring that he knew the singer had quite a few of, an apple, and a lighter. After cutting up the apple and washing his hands, Tohma flicked on the lighter and held the flame to the end of the stud, cleansing it. Ryuichi sat as Tohma approached him, the now sterilized earring in one hand and a bit of apple in the other. Placing the piece of apple behind the proffered site, Tohma took Ryuichi's ear and as he was about to pierce the cartilage, warned, "And you don't need ice, I'll make it quick, and clean it with vodka, okay? Now don't you dare squirm..."

His interest peaked at the mention of the alcohol, Ryuichi queried, "Okay, I won't squirm. Can I have a sip?"


Handing the vocalist the flask he had in his inside jacket pocket, Tohma murmured, "Yes, it's probably best you do."

Ryuichi took a long drink from the flask, he handed it back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Taking the apple in one hand and the sterilized needle in the other, Tohma asked, "Ready, now?"

The vocalist smiled as he replied, "Uh hunh!"

Mentally steeling himself for the job, Tohma told Ryuichi "Okaaay, very still now, baby." As Ryuichi sat still, the keyboardist showed no emotion as he pushed the stud through with expert precision.

"Voila! Well done."

"Owwww..." the vocalist grimaced, but managed to keep still, as Tohma had instructed. The moment the sting had passed he asked "Can I see?" as if he had never felt the pain.

Tohma pursed his lips, examining his handiwork gently. "Okay, but there’s a little blood, let me clean it." He took the vodka firmly from the brunet and carefully cleaned the tiny wound with an alcohol-soaked corner of his handkerchief. "You were ever so brave," he commended his companion warmly.

"Okay..." Ryuichi cocked his head a little and winced as he was cleaned up. "I was?" He queried as he clapped his hands at the praise from his best friend.

"You were. I quite expected tears." Tohma confided in his ear, smiling in gentle amusement.

Paling, Ryuichi gazed at the floor. "It’s numb..." He uttered, before falling into a dead faint.

The keyboardist caught him deftly, and without a moment of pause, swiftly pulled him up into his arms as he had had to do on many occasions in their long friendship, and carried him with his surprising strength into the bedroom and laid him on his bed.

"Silly," the blond admonished fondly, stroking Ryuichi’s mossy, shining bangs back from his forehead.

The little singer awoke and blinked up at him. "Toh~maaa...don't go...stay with me...please?" He beseeched his friend plaintively. The thought of being alone now made butterflies flutter at his heart.

Smiling down upon this sweet man that he loved so dearly, the blond shook his pretty head. "Of course, I won't leave you, lie back."

Regarding him with large eyes, Ryuichi tilted his head appealingly. "Come to bed and snuggle, like we used to?"

A little surprised that he should request such a thing when his heart truly belonged to Eiri now, Tohma could do nothing but leap at the chance to be close to his former lover. "There's nothing I would like more…" he purred, before arching a mischievous eyebrow. "Well, maybe some vodka." He went and retrieved a full bottle from the kitchen, taking a satisfying swallow from the full bottle.

Yawning, Ryuichi still managed to exclaim a "Yay..." to express his delight at Tohma’s willingness to stay with him.

The blond laughed lightly at his vocalist’s enthusiasm. "You want some more to drink?"

"Uh hunh." Ryuichi reached out for the drink despite his weariness.

Tohma tilted the bottle to Ryuichi's lips with care, not wishing him to choke on the strong spirit. As the little brunet swallowed, Tohma curled up beside him, watching with a deep affection.

Ryuichi took another long drink, enjoying the warmth of his companion’s body through their clothes.

"You like that?" the blond soothed, a gentleness warming his very spirit as he held Ryuichi in his arms, gazed into his beautiful face and longed to pull him closer, to taste the vodka on his soft lips.

The smaller man shifted in his arms and glanced up at the blond, a little nostalgic tug at his heart generating a certain sadness in his eyes. "Toh~ma? Why don't we snuggle like this anymore?" Ryuichi asked as he took the bottleneck between his little fingers and put it back to his lips.

A little disconcerted, Tohma tried to extricate the vodka from Ryuichi’s hands. "Don't drink so fast, you'll choke," he warned, evading the question as it hurt his heart.

Gazing up at Tohma with a serious look on his face, Ryuichi nodded, knocking over the bottle in the process.

The blond couldn’t help but giggle as the alcohol splashed both of them, and ran down his hands. "You're spilling it! My turn!" He insisted, glad of the break in tension as he retrieved the spilled bottle.

Coughing and giggling at once, Ryuichi kicked his legs in glee. "Heehee!" He squealed, before his sapphire eyes turned to Tohma’s jade ones, and his tone became solemn. "Is it because of Mika-san?"

"Is what because of Mika?" Tohma asked, feeling the burn of the spirit in his head and chest as he drank.

"Why we don't snuggle in bed anymore," the little singer pursued seriously.

Shaking his head, smiling in soft amusement, the blond dismissed the very idea. "No, she doesn't mind that, believe me. She loves you!"

"She does? Then why?" the diminutive man persisted, scrambling round to face his friend as he watched his expression carefully, in case Tohma tried to hide his true feelings. His eyes could never hold the truth from Ryuichi.


Tohma sighed heavily, wondering how to explain without insulting his best friend’s sensitivity on the subject. "Things are getting so...complex. You and Eiri...I mean..." He floundered emotionally. "It's so weird…"

"Oh...Why? Why is it weird?" Ryuichi moved closer as he searched his friend’s face with earnest concern.

Exasperated as to why Ryuichi couldn’t see why the situation was so hard on him, Tohma managed to remain calm. "It's my fault, really, don't you worry," he assured the vocalist, hating the thought of him and Eiri together, and feeling guilty of such a thought.

Ryuichi frowned and tilted his head as his mind worked. "Why? Does Tohma love Ryu-chan too?" He thought, well, hoped that he knew the answer to this question, but he was afraid of hearing a note of rejection in his former lover’s voice.

Smiling affectionately, Tohma bit back his true feelings to spare Ryuichi any heartache.

"Well, yes, but its okay. I'm not going to try and steal you. It’s not that sort of love…" He lied, though it wrenched at his heart to say so, when all he longed for was Ryuichi’s touch.

Far too astute to take the blond’s words at face value, Ryuichi considered this information. Okay...I don't want Mika-san and Eiri mad..."

He crawled closer, his eyes narrowing as he scrutinised Tohma’s face for emotional giveaways. "What kind is it?"

"My, you are nosy tonight." Tohma blushed and looked away, ashamed. "Tell me how you love me, and then I’ll tell you if it's the same." He swallowed over the lump in his throat, hoping against hope that Ryuichi would confess that he was still in love with him, despite his newfound relationship with the novelist.

"Uh hunh!" This idea appealed to the honest singer, who was far more able to share his feelings without inhibition than the blond. "Tohma is my bestest friend in the whole universe! Along with Kuma, I mean..." He looked down at Kuma in his lap, biting his lip guiltily at nearly missing his plushie companion out of the ‘bestest friends’ equation.


His stomach a knot of nerves, Tohma pressed. "Hmm, that's not very descriptive, though, is it?" The vodka burned passion in his loins as he stared intently at the little brunet, barely inches from him.

Ryuichi’s face brightened as he found the right words. "Ryu-chan trusts To-chan with both his life AND Kuma's!" He insisted, pleased with this description. It was the truth, after all.

"That’s a bit better," the keyboardist conceded, knowing how much this meant, spoken by Ryuichi. "I'll tell you how much I love you…" He pondered playfully, a flood of tenderness rising in him for his friend.

"To-chan is Ryu-chan's brother!" The brunet declared triumphantly.

Intrigued, Tohma saw a chink in the wall of opposition. "Hmmm, not quite..." He baited his friend.

"No?" Ryuichi’s ears perked and he stopped playing with Kuma to regard his former lover with curiosity.

Catching the glint of intrigue in Ryuichi’s eye, Tohma set the trap. "Well there's the whole blood issue...y'know," he drawled easily.

"Blood?" the little singer’s interest was caught, and the vodka in his veins blazed with the thrill of what he hoped Tohma was getting at.

Grinning a little wickedly, Tohma winked. "Do you know how to become blood brothers?" He asked, keeping his tone at a tease.

"Uh..." The brunet thought about this, his brain a little slower with the numbing alcohol as he felt butterflies return to his belly.

Sitting back nonchalantly, Tohma took another swig from the nearly empty bottle. Sapphire eyes widening with indignance, Ryuichi swiped the vodka bottle. "Tohma...SHARE!" He insisted, taking the bottle and following suit with a swig of his own.

Tohma was becoming very interested in his own idea as he watched his companion drink. "We should have done this as kids, why didn't we?" He wondered aloud. "What you have to do is mingle blood, see?" He explained patiently.

Completely unfazed by this, Ryuichi shrugged. "Okay...My ear was bleeding..." He suggested practically.

"I think it stopped..." The blond muttered as he checked gently.

Ryuichi wiggled the newly installed earring until it bled again. "There!" He exclaimed triumphantly.

"Be careful, don't hurt yourself." Tohma warned, not wishing his friend to pass out on him once again. "What shall I do? We need something else sharp…" He regarded his own hands and wrists, as the vodka in his veins rushed loudly in his ears, thrilling him on some base level.

Ryuichi hugged Kuma to him joyfully, the idea exciting him equally. "I wanna be blood brothers with Tohma!" He trilled in a happy singsong voice.

Tohma could not help but giggle and drink some more, wondering whether he really had the energy to break the bottleneck to procure a sharp edge with which to cut himself.

A curious spark ignited behind the singer’s blazing azure eyes. "I can bite you..." He suggested, leering at the beautiful blond, who sat alcohol-flooded and vulnerable on his bed.

Tohma looked dubious at such an idea.

"No?" the vocalist queried, as he looked a little put out.

"You can bite hard enough to break the skin..?" Tohma gazed at the little brunet, and suddenly realised that if anyone could do such a thing to him, it would indeed be this unique creature.

"Ouch!" He said as he reacted to the very thought of it.

Ryuichi nodded matter of factly.

"Well, okay, it's safer than putting you in charge of a knife," the blond conceded, mentally readying himself for such an intimate physical touch.

"I have a knife too!" Realisation dawned across Ryuichi’s face as he remembered and pulled out an American Swiss army knife from his jacket pocket.

Alarmed, Tohma sat back a bit. "Whoa! Okay, be careful with that!"

He calmed, seeing the serious look on the vocalist’s face. "What would you like to do to me then? It's my turn to trust you," he pledged, sure of this.


Ryuichi maintained his serious look as he gazed at his best friend. "Do you trust me Tohma?" He wanted to be certain before taking any actions that could cause his beloved angel distress.

"I trust you." Tohma held Ryuichi's gaze calmly, his trust in him implicit.

Reassured, Ryuichi nodded. "Then give me your hand."

The blond held out a steady hand, unafraid, the blood throbbing thickly through him as desirous feelings were stirred up for his sweet companion.

Ryuichi took the knife, opened it and first placed a cut on his own right ring fingertip, then did the same to Tohma, his expression one of calm concentration as he deliberately wounded his former lover.

Tohma watched patiently, unflinching, feeling a familiar stirring in his trousers at the slice of metal in his sensitive fingertip.

"Now what do we do?" The brunet focused on him, his round sapphire eyes sombre and glowing with deep warmth for his companion. He knew what they had to do, but he wanted Tohma to show him, to prove his love for him.

The keyboardist moved closer. "Here," He pressed his cut finger to Ryuichi's, and allowed their blood to mingle, feeling a tightness in his chest, as if his heart would burst at the touch of wound to wound. He wanted Ryuichi so badly…

Ryuichi pressed tight, still serious, a similar thrill scorching down his spine as he watched the red pearls bleed together.

"That feels strangely good," Tohma confessed, wishing he could tell his best friend just how good, how much of a reaction such a small act had caused within him.

"That's because you’re drunk, Tohma," his companion pointed out chastely.

"Yeah, maybe so," the blond conceded. "But…doesn't it feel good to you?"

"In a strangely...empowering way..." the mossy-haired vocalist replied as he thought about it sagely, his expression sombre yet perfectly at ease.

"Yeah, uh huh. I like it," Tohma mumbled stupidly, starting to feel as drunk as he no doubt was.

Ryuichi shot him a sly grin. "Why doesn't that surprise me for some reason?"

Tohma snickered. "I don't know what you mean, kitten," he drawled innocently.

The singer smiled kindly and laced their fingers together. "Now we're truly brothers, ne


Tohma nodded sombrely, his head heavy with booze. "Forever," he promised, then his face brightened and he grinned. "I feel like such a dumb teenager."

"That makes me very happy!" Ryuichi smiled, laughing a little in his happiness. "Me too!"

"Me too, Ryu-chan, me too." Tohma sighed contentedly. "I love you, bro," he said as he grinned, feeling his eyelids get heavy with sleep and alcohol.

Ryuichi leaned over and kissed Tohma on the lips, innocently yet full of love. "I love you too, bro," he murmured, chuckling softly.

Snuggling up to his friend and breathing in his comforting scent of cherry cola and warmth, a sudden urge overcame him.

"Can I taste your blood?" The blond asked inquisitively. "Gimme your finger." He wrapped long white fingers about his companion’s wrist.

The brunet giggled at Tohma’s curiosity. "Sure, if I can taste yours," he reasoned as he offered his bandmate his finger.

Tohma’s heart skipped at the thought, and he closed his gentle mouth about Ryuichi’s injured finger, sucking the very tip tenderly.

Watching the expression of pleasure on the blond’s face, Ryuichi took Tohma’s hand and licked Tohma's finger sensually, then smiled, showing blood on his teeth.

As he pressed his nose against his singer’s neck, Tohma purred, "Minx," he accused coyly.

"Always," Ryuichi breathed, feeling his heart thud hard as he cuddled against his beloved friend, and now blood brother as he smiled to himself happily.

"Did I taste good?" Tohma murmured as his eyes closed.

"Like candy," the singer assured him, his azure eyes sparkling as he licked his lips.

The blond blushed, feeling loved and indeed, wanted. "You've made me sleeeepy," he sighed softly.

"Then come here and snuggle with me, my brother." Ryuichi pulled Tohma under the blankets and held him close. "How do I taste?" He whispered wickedly in his ear, aware that his breath would tickle the sleepy musician.

"You taste like a god should taste…" Tohma giggled as he snuggled up and wrapped his arms around the smaller man.

"My aniki," Ryuichi purred as he snuggled into Tohma, basking in his warmth and relaxing completely.

"Mmmmmm....you're warm." Tohma was distantly aware of something nagging at the back of his mind.

"Ahhhhhhhhh...as are you..." The vocalist pressed his body against his best friend’s, stretching contentedly.

Suddenly it hit him, and Tohma sat up instantly, slapping a hand to his forehead. "I forgot to make your cocoa!!" He squealed, looking guilt-stricken.

"Never mind, I drank something sweeter," Ryuichi purred sensually, pulling him back into his arms and resting his head on Tohma’s chest.

Tohma poked Ryuichi mischievously. "Flattery will get you a very silly older brother," he warned playfully. "You should behave yourself!"

"I'm sorry aniki....zzzzz" The little singer said as he dozed against Tohma, soothed by the keyboardist’s steady heart beat.

"Faker!" Tohma protested, fighting the heavy bonds of sleep, unwilling for this delicious time with Ryuichi to end.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...whaa...?" the mossy-haired vocalist gurgled, pulling Kuma’s ear into his mouth, his eyes closed blissfully.

Giving in to the heaviness, Tohma smiled and kissed the top of the brunet’s head fondly. "Heheheh, nothing, go to sleep, sweetie." He murmured as he laughed softly.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Oblivious, Ryuichi fell asleep feeling completely safe and happy to be curled up with his bestest friends, with the pleasant sting in his ear and finger to remind him of Tohma’s loving touch.

Nothing could come between them now.




A/N: Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative

8/16/07 02:50 pm - NEW MODERATION PLANS -- now in effect!



Current Operation Procedure facts:


1.  At the moment, we members of the RP group post in our respective journals 

2.  The RP site has us listed as friends so this means everything we post in our personal journals shows up on the RP site

3.  Most members have specific journals to be part of this RP group – for the character they play

4.  When a new member joins, we members add them to our f-list

5.  The RP site Co-Mod also adds the new members to the f-list


The points of contention:


We want to build a story that has the correct info and is relative only to our story.  However, we anticipate that characters will change and that some of our members RP in other LJ groups.  When they post in their journals, regardless of whether they are writing the post as part of our story arc or not, it will show on the RP site (because of the f-listing).  This limits what a member can post on their own journal, or if they choose to ignore this, then we end up with some unnecessary / non-related posts.


Meanwhile, because every member posts in their own journal, it is difficult to manage a few things such as content and tags.  The members would all have to follow the rules anyway, but Co-Mods would be unable to reorganise as we grow.  When reading the sequence of events in the storyline, it becomes impossible to click “next entry” because the entries themselves are not actually on the site but a collection from all the friends.


The biggest problem: when a member leaves the group, they leave the story arc but the role is picked up by the next character taker.  Thing is, when the RP site removes the person from the f-list, all their entries disappear with them.  This creates holes in the story history on the RP site.


Also, when a new member joins, they have to open a new LJ account (if they already have an IRL one). Because of the f-listing above, they need the new account to keep IRL and RP content separate.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they could run everything from one place? Personally, I get lazy to check my character account.


My proposal


We wipe the slate clean and start afresh: remove all the posts and all the friends to date. To do this, we remove all the entries and posts in relation to our group from the PR site and (in relation to our story arc) our character journals.  However, we leave the OOC site as is.


Then, we establish what we want to post (arc updates and each member individual journal entries) and in what order, then post the list on the guidelines page and to do this:


Mods will discuss what the final line up on the arc we want to post then I will name each Arc Update and number them and post that list as well.  Between each Arc update we agree to be posted, there will be a three-day pause wherein the members can re-post their personal journal submissions / conjunction (in relevance to the Arc update timeline) but they will post each one TO THE SITE and NOT in their journals. 


By “individual journal entries” I mean:  in between AU arc updates, members post a few things as an individual character and these entries are “made” in between one arc update or AIM session and the next.  Those are what I want the members to take the time to insert into the RP site (and therefore, the AU) so there is more content and behind-the-scenes –but all for the same AU our RP has created and is about.


Generally, from now on, anything to do with the G_NG_RP group’s AU storylines and the multiple story arcs in our community all go on the RP site. And by that same token, anything OOC and IRL goes onto the OOC site.  You can cross-post to your journal if yours is a dedicated journal, of course.




The G_NG group still has only two journals: The RP site and the OOC site.  There is nothing big to change for the members, guests, or friends. This means limited work in order to comply with the new system.


All the information (character posts, logs, story arcs) and tagging will be unified and available in one single place.  And if a member leaves the group, the posts will still be there and will create a flawless flow from one entry to the next of the entire storyline… always.


Not only that, it will eliminate Mods’ work of having to talk to people about following the posting rules because the group administrators can simply go in and correct them as necessary.  The RP site will not f-list anyone and because of this, it limits the maintenance work on the site to add and delete, etc, as people come and go.


Now because everyone will post TO the RP site, no one can post anything which the Mods cannot control and we will NEVER have non-relating content. 


Members, friends / guests individually then only need to list one “friend” in the form of the RP group site (or two, because off the OOC site but only if the guests and friends want to know our IRL issues) in order to track our arc movements.  This will immediately provide anyone and everyone with all SANCTIONED material purely relevant to our story arc and character.  No more “adding and removing which friends” trouble.


Because everyone posts to the RP (and in OOC, the OOC site), it becomes possible for people to join from their IRL journals and eliminates the complication of owning multiple journal accounts.   This will give us some publicity as people from other communities a member has joined can see on the member’s profile that they are part of our community.


Regardless, this is still not a forum-based RP. It is still AIM based.  Everyone can RP on AIM to their heart’s content and the lead person for the arc of their individual story can “clean” the AIM session RP and post it as a story arc update to the RP site. Generally, as I said, anything for the RP AU goes on the RP site.  To reiterate, anything OOC gets posted to the OOC journal.


Most activities continue as normal. Only with this new system, everyone can reap more benefits and the RP group will have access to a bigger range of audience.


By:  Tsubaki-dono / Yuki Eiri OOC / Uesugi_Yuki_E


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